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Dr. John Littell, a distinguished medical professional and trusted authority, is known for hosting the Florida Summit on Covid. Committed to unraveling medical truths, he addresses critical questions and advocates for informed healthcare. Author of "The Hidden Truth" on women's health intricacies, Dr. Littell dedicates unwavering time to disseminate accurate medical information, ensuring your enjoyment of these informative videos.


Florida Summit 2023

View individual speeches from The Florida Summit 2023 - On Covid, Food, Family & Medical Freedom below, or click here for the full video.

Mayor Kent Guinn Florida Summit v1
Steven Hatfill Florida Summit v1
Dr Richard Urso Florida Summit v1
Paul Marik v1

John Littel MD

View all of John Littell MD's videos here on his personal video channel. Check back for updates and subscribe for new announcements.